new on — lip balms, home made with organic ingredients! i’ve been wearing nothing but these for the past few weeks so i can vouch for them ;)

made together with the amazing artist cranky benny.

Dust particles dancing lit by a sunbeam in an otherwise murky attic. Old wood and warm amber. Goes on clear.

Pale northern blossoms and windswept hills. Sandalwood, rosemary and lavender with warm vanilla and herbs. Goes on clear.

Rider in the night and caster of evil spells. This pocket size pit of tar will stain your natural lip a deathly grey or give your red lipstick a sinister shadow. Black leather and horsehair with a touch of sweet vanilla. Nightly adventure.

The mire is a dangerous place to tread but ancient treasure awaits those who dare. Stains your lip a pale but ominous bog green. Vetivert, geranium and birch, dark wilderness with overtones of fresh herbs.